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Australian Army Infantry Museum

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Australian Army Infantry Museum, Hamilton VC Drive, Singleton NSW 2330
The museum serves as a mirror to the Infantry Corps. It is a place where young soldiers can learn about the history behind the names they are familiar with from high school or perhaps about the military service of a family member. Gallipoli, Passchendaele, Kokoda and Long Tan are all bought to life along with less familiar campaigns like the NSW Marine Light Infantry deployment to Peking in 1900. The display space is divided into two main areas. The lower floor features exhibitions on the history of operations, from the Sudan in 1885 through to our current deployment in Afghanistan today and the mezzanine level features the 'tools of the trade', that is, the small arms and their associated training aids, how they have changed and developed and how these changes have influenced the tactics, techniques and procedures of the Regiments of the Royal Australian Infantry Corps.
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